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Custom WEB Design, Redesign and Maintenance

Design Process

Step 1
First we will begin the process by asking each client to provide a detailed idea of what they would like to see as an end product, as well as of the needs they need met. A document describing these desires is then developed with the client that outlines the aesthetic, technical, functional, and financial aspects of the project requested.

Step 2
Based on the information gathered, we will present the specification document to the client for feedback, and if requested, we will make any final modifications. At this point, if the client is satisfied with on-paper concept for their web site, we will then begin to collect all necessary materials and assets from the client. This includes content, logos, and photos/stock photos.

Step 3
After all materials have been collected, the visual concept stage will begin starting with a mock-up of the overall design interface. Once a mock-up is completed it is sent to the client for approval and input. The project will not go forward from this stage until the client is 100% satisfied with the proposed design.

Step 4
Once a final design has been signed off on by the client, work begins on developing it into a functional website. This stage involves hand coding of all pages and the addition of all necessary components.

Step 5
The last step before completion is testing the website to insure it passes all technical specifications as well as current usability standards. If everything checks out, the final design is launched and all work is delivered to the client.

Package #1: One-page web site.

$150.00 (one time setup fee)** Includes first year name registration and hosting.

$150.00 maintenance costs per year includes domain name registration, web site hosting, and unlimited updates*

Ideal starter site to direct people to your phone number or physical business address.

Package #2: 3 page web site $350.00 (one time setup fee)** Includes first year name registration and hosting.

$250.00 a year includes domain name registration, web site hosting, and unlimited updates*


$75.00 per page using the same design as the original site.**

$75.00 per additional page per year includes unlimited updates.*

Add an E-Mail Account

$25.00 a year - add a web based e-mail account to any of the above packages. Address would be same as your domain name:

Logo design

$100.00 (one time design fee)*

*Unlimited updates means regular changes to web site within reason. Editing text or adding or removing information -- minor changes. Up to four hours per month will be considered minor changes.
If work requires more than four hours then it is not a minor change. This will be considered a major overhaul and billed at the rate of $45.00 per hour for every hour more than the four hours.

**This price does not include 3 dimensional graphics, flash displays or other proprietary or specialized development software.

We can find a solution that fits your needs.

All work can be done on an hourly basis if you so desire or depending on complexity.


Custom WEB Designs!!


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More Designs Coming.
Please contact me for your designs and requirements!

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